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Front School Parking Lot Procedures


Greetings Parents,

The safety and security of our families and the community are of utmost importance to us.  Please be advised that the front school parking lot is NOT a drop off area for students.

If you are tardy, please park either in an available parking spot or on Fire Mesa Street and walk your student in to be checked in as tardy.

Please do NOT park in a parking spot that has been designated with signage in a family's name. These spots were purchased as a fundraiser through our annual Gala, and only the family whose name is on the sign should be parking there.

During carpool times, cones are placed to block the front parking lot from traffic entering. Please do NOT move the cones or run over the cones with your vehicle.

At NO time should a vehicle be stopped in the front parking lot and left with the hazard lights on.

We appreciate your attention and cooperation in this matter as we work together to provide a safe environment for all of our students and families.


Doral Academy - Fire Mesa Campus