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Online Instruction

Message for Doral Fire Mesa Families

Dear Doral Fire Mesa Families,

We are excited to launch our first day of online instruction today!

Our administration has been working very closely with the Nevada Charter School Authority. A waiver was submitted to the Nevada Department of Education which will allow Doral Academy to count each day of online instruction as an instructional day.

We can’t thank our teachers enough for their incredible dedication to learn the online platform and develop lessons for Google Classroom, in order to get us up and running within one week!  We truly have amazing educators who are dedicated to the education of our students.

We have had a few questions regarding attendance and grading, so in an effort to clarify questions, below is a summary of information we have at this time.

ATTENDANCE: The Nevada Charter Authority has confirmed that a student will be considered “present” for the school day by checking in with the teacher online through Zoom and/or completing assignments in Google Classroom. Each of our classroom teachers is taking attendance for their class daily. A student will be counted absent if they do not check in with the teacher through Zoom OR the student does not complete any assignments in Google Classroom.

GRADING: We are working with the Nevada Charter Authority to provide further guidance on grading for online learning. Until we have further clarification, teachers will not be assigning grades in Infinite Campus. Teachers may keep grades for completion of grades and participation. Once we have further guidance on grading, we will share with families.


As a reminder, technology assistance is posted on our website. Families may call the Tech Support number for any tech support:  (702) 840-6060

We know that many of our families are going through challenging times, and we ask that you let us know how we can help. Our counseling staff, administrators, and teachers are available to assist in any way we can. Please continue to check your emails for updates and information on a regular basis.

We encourage you all to stay home and stay healthy!


Doral Academy - Fire Mesa Campus