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Dear Parents,

As an Upper School team, we realize the importance of “keeping you in the loop” when it comes to your child, events happening around the school, upcoming notices and just some plain old simple facts. Since many middle school students don’t tend to share a whole lot of information and based on feedback from our parents in the parent survey, we thought we would send a monthly Upper School newsletter. 

It is our intention, that the newsletter will give you an update of things happening around Doral Fire Mesa while encouraging an on-going communication with your child. As always, please feel free to reach out to any teacher/counselor/or staff member if you have any questions or concerns. We want your child to come to school every day ready to learn and to leave each day knowing that they were successful.

 If you ever need some questions to ask your child that might pull out some specific answers instead of generic ones, you can try some of the following:

-What is happening in the novel that you are reading?

-How many points does your house have? Did you help your house earn any extra points today?

-How are you doing with your TenMarks or Zinc assignments? Can you show me your account summary on the computer?

-Do you have any information that I need to have in your backpack? Can you bring me your planner so I can see what you worked on today or if there is any messages that I need to read from your teachers?

-Do you know how proud I am that you ………………….?

-I noticed on Infinite Campus that you received a nice grade in ……………?

-How close is your class in earning the Free Spirit Dress Day with perfect attendance?


Please click HERE to view the Upper School Newsletter.


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